On being an Omnivore. Bison Burgers.

From the Journal: 11/18/2011 (Catalina Island)

Bison, as it happens, make delicious burgers (What better way to make yourself feel better about being outwitted by an herbivore than to consume it). I think I was told there are some health and possibly environmental benefits to eating Bison over Cattle, but to be honest I couldn’t really hear over the sound of myself eating.

You look delicious

Ultimately unable to catch the last herd of females on the island, I took some solace in the fact that the elusive critters were at least highly edible. Bison are categorized oddly, they are capable of being designated as both wild animals and livestock, so Bison Ranching is in fact a real thing. However, due to their rather nasty dispositions and size, they aren’t really suitable for inclusion in a factory farm setting. If the implication that they are perhaps raised more sustainably than their mass-produced bovine cousins wasn’t enough to get you salivating (It was for me, but I’m admittedly weird), then consider this; Bison is reportedly naturally leaner than beef and tastes just as good (At the time I wrote the entry I’d probably have said better, but frustration makes the best seasoning). So if you’re watching your fat intake (Are you? Do we need to have a talk?) Bison might be a good choice over traditional beef.


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  1. Actually, I feel a bit that way about kangaroos and emus……

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