Appalachian Engineering

From the Journal: 8/30/2010 (Northern Quebec)

…Are out front drinking Jack Daniels in front of the smoker I helped build today. Just an hour or two ago actually. Its… unique to say the least (and possibly the most). Its made of rusted out metal boxes, scavenged pipe, driftwood, beer cans, duct-tape, tinfoil, spit, and a few big rocks. It is a miracle of Appalachian Engineering. Borne of a few hours thoughtful puttering on behalf of my Uncle, and I’m extremely impressed it hasn’t already collapsed or exploded. Should it survive…

DIY meets garbage tech

Fly fishing is a recently discovered passion of mine, and smoked trout doubly so. I’ve gone on a few long fishing trips with my father and his friends (Being the youngest along by nearly 30 years is questionably fun) and have discovered that its drinking and fishing (and drinking while preparing to fish, or after finishing up fishing) go together perfectly. Its an activity with enforced downtime and without the need for much in the way of fine motor control. Likewise, smoking fish and drinking work well together. Go figure.

The smoker in question here actually worked perfectly well despite its already-broken-appearance. Which is more than I can say for a few others (that looked more stable, if nothing else) I’ve seen built, the crucial materials seem to be the metal boxes (or things like them) without a good way to contain the heat of the fire and channel the smoke the entire operation becomes laughably difficult.

(Read: nearly impossible).


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