Alpaugh Tradeoffs

From the Journal: 8/5/2011 (Alpaugh, California)

One week down and no complaints — yet. True: My lips are burnt raw, but the rest of me is bronzed (insofar as  I tan). Its hellishly hot by 10AM, but we start work at 6 and get off by 2. There’s no internet, but every so the stars align and I my phone tells me I have a new email. There’s Arsenic in the water, but… actually that’s pretty horrible.  I’m driving alot, but the BLM is reimbursing me for most of it.

Everything bad has a flip side. Except that whole Arsenic thing. Eugh.

I mean, it had its moments.

Ghost town that it was, working in Alpaugh was still pretty amazing. As with all things, especially jobs, there are trade-offs that have to be made. For me at least, the lions share of my happiness can be assured simply by having interesting and intelligent coworkers. In Alpaugh at least, I did not lack in that department.

But yeah, the Arsenic thing was pretty foul (and it got worse before it got better).


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