Water in the desert

Water is a major issue in Southern California, billboards all up and down the 99 and 5 make sure everyone stays well informed about what their politicians are doing to protect (or ruin) the water rights of the area’s many farmers. Without water piped down from the mountains the area would be unfarmable, although that was not always the case. The Atwell Island restoration project seeks to recapture a bit of what the area around Alpaugh had been before the arrival of american agriculture. That there is water at all here speaks volumes of their success, that there is so little of it speaks to how far they have to go before they’re finished.

I’ve shown a few pictures of the Atwell Island restoration project, but I have many more, and might as well share them now before I get too far off topic with other places and jobs.

The water level raised and lowered depending on the status of the many pumps around the project. Sometime leaving islands where before their had been paths before.

Sunrise over the wetland

On occasion we had to paddle out into one of the larger ponds to access infested islands away from the edge. We had a rowboat, but didn’t have a set of oars, and made due instead with a kayak paddle and a long length of fence-post.

Sunrise over one of the ponds.


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  1. Great pictures!

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