Ventana Skies

The absolute highlight of the work in Ventana (aside from the ladybugs, I suppose) were the morning and evening hikes to and from the work site. The head of the trail we were working on was a hair under two miles from our campsite — all uphill — and the hike took us across a set of beautiful ridges, made even more awe-inspiring by the fantastic show the sky and the Pacific Ocean put on for us.

I’d experienced the ocean affect a few times before Ventana, but never from high above it.

I took this photograph the morning of my birthday, the whole trip was something like a gift from my supervisors.

Behind that peak the Pacific is masked with clouds. Far below where this picture was taken (flirting with the fog) is the campsite we stayed in.

Ow, my poor useless eyes.

Most mornings I woke up long before anyone else and stumbled around the campsite trying to make coffee (blind) as quietly as I possibly could.

Another of the numerous snags, backlit.


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  1. Absolutely stunning photos!

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