Packing again: Hardly the Bear Necessities

I’m happy now that I left my last job a week early so I would have time to pack and prepare for Connecticut. I’ve gotten pretty good at packing the crucial bits of my life into small boxes over the past couple of years, but this jaunt has some unexpected wrinkles.

First, I’m actually sort of close to a bunch of friends of mine, I may not lose the entirety of my social life once work starts, this means I have to actually bring “nice” clothes along. Shirts with collars, shoes not made of reinforced and waterproofed leather, a ‘dress’ hat or two. You get the idea. This wasn’t an issue in California (where the nicest place I visited was Disney world) and in other places I’ve worked I didn’t have any constraints on space.

Another major difference in this job’s packing is that I got a Nook recently, with all my recreational reading digitized the only books I need to hump around are my field guides. There are still quite a few of them, but its nothing like the fifty pound box of reading material I was used to driving around with.

Lastly, I’m being given a lot of my gear on site this time around. In the name of uniformity I’m being provided with a few shirts, a set of coveralls, and even boots! This has lightened my load significantly, which is awesome.

So with all that taken care of, what am I bringing?

  • Entertainment:
    1. Nook
    2. Journal
    3. 2x Frisbees (in case I lose one)
    4. Cards
    5. “Fancy” clothes (so I can rub elbows without passing on my grass stains)
  • Gear:
    1. Camp stove / Mess Kit / Water bottles
    2. “Don’t die in the woods” kit (First aid, Lighter, Iodine, Deet, Compass, ect)
    3. Fly Rod ect
    4. Tent / Sleeping bag / bedroll
    5. Boots / Gaiters / Socks
    6. Non-work Clothes
  • Other Necessities 
    1. French Press / Ground coffee / Mug
    2. Computer
    3. Tangle of wires and chargers that are probably important
    4. Camera
    5. Field Guides
It didn’t take me long to put all that together, the issue now is wracking my brain to be sure I didn’t forget anything. Did I forget anything?! Not that I’m travelling so far that I won’t be able to retrieve things left behind, but it would be embarrassing…


Things have gotten better since this picture was taken. I still feel like I’m forgetting something though.


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