The Osprey at Calf Island

One of our first tasks upon arriving on Calf was to seek out the nests of any resident Osprey and mark them with a GPS for further observation. As best as I can tell there are at least three (and possibly four) mated pairs of Osprey with nests on or near the island. Two or three of the pairs have nests on nest boxes constructed specifically for their benefit on the water and the last pair has taken up residence in a dead tree on the restricted side of the island.

One of the pair that has their nest on the island itself.

Since we walk past it nearly every day (giving the soon-to-be parents as wide a berth as we can) we’re looking forward to watching any chicks that pair produces grow up.The other pairs are a bit out of our range, but the pavillion I live in faces the sea, and the area’s Osprey fly overhead nearly constantly.

The other in the pair, with a little something in tow.


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