I’ve been pretty lucky in finding work for the past year. Not all my jobs have been fantastic, but I’ve learned a lot and they all either paid well… or else at least provided housing. I’ve found the following websites and organizations particularly useful.

  1. Stopdodo Hands down the most useful job board I’ve found, Stopdodo lists environmental jobs all over the planet, if you’re a biologist or environmental scientist seeking work, this is the first place to go.
  2. USAJOBS If you’re interested in working for the US Federal Government (which isn’t such a bad deal), this is the place to start. I’ve been given two bits of advice about this site. 1) Check back often and fill out everything you even remotely qualify for, and 2) Make sure to check if a job requires gov’t standing before applying for it. If its required and you don’t have it, you simply won’t get the job. Bummer.
  3. The Society for Conservation Biology Another site, similar to StopDodo in its excellence, a membership is needed to get first crack at the job postings, but I’m not sure how vital that is given how long most stay posted for.
  4. The Nature Conservancy The portal to jobs within the Nature Conservancy, I’ve found the site to be slightly glitchy, but the job offers are tantalizing, so no complaints.

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