About Me

My name is Tyler, I’m a conservation biologist, and I’m eternally on the road in search of new work.

In the past few year I’ve lived and worked in eight different locations across the country (This will sound less and less impressive as time goes on I’m sure). I’ve waited tables and worked as a science columnist in Boston, Surveyed land and counted loons in New Hampshire, Restored wetland habitat in Alpaugh California, Cut trails in the Veneta Wilderness, Wrangled Bison on Catalina Island, Swatted more mosquitoes than I ever want to see again, and lit prescribed burns on National Parkland. I’ve traveled more than 9000 miles by car on relocations alone, and I have no intention of stopping.

Candidly, my eventual plan is to return to graduate school and work towards an advanced degree in Conservation Ecology. However, before that can become a reality I need to get more field experience. Unfortunately for my mailing address, that means moving nearly constantly. Luckily I enjoy being a nomad, and have been lucky so far. Both with interesting jobs and in general.

I keep a daily journal, an ultimately pointless endeavor that only serves as a reminder of all the idiotic things I’ve done. I have scars in proportion to the stupidity of my motto: “What can go wrong,” and have enough stories – I think – to initially entrance and ultimately bore just about anyone.

These are them: ongoing, fast moving, often indignant, and caffeinated. Enjoy.

I’m contactable at: cross.tylerj@gmail.com and I’m on twitter @Manifestmotley

  1. A thoroughly delightful Bio. Funny, interesting, self-deprecating, self-aware. I think you’re doing the right thing for yourself; independence is the most valuable asset anyone can have. Time to settle into the back-biting irritating and self-serving atmosphere of a science institute when you’re too old to live as a nomad. Excellent view across the watercourse to the distance. Watch out for flash floods. 🙂

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